The Team

Get to know the freelance team behind The Gig Economist. They are truly the heart and soul of this endeavour, experts in their fields and always happy to answer any and all of your questions.

The Economist – Viola Wallace

The Gig Economist Team - Viola WallaceViola keeps you up to date with the latest trends of the gig economy, freelancing, self-employment and the developments in the world that could impact gigging. A prolific writer, dedicated beach-goer and un-
rehabilitated chocoholic, Viola’s career as a freelance writer gives her the freedom to do all three simultaneously. When she’s not writing, she can be found cheering on her local teams (Let’s go, Blue Jays!) or sampling everything on offer at the local farmer’s market.

The Scout – John Loffler

The Gig Economist Team - John LofflerJohn provides you with a detailed overview of the myriad freelance platforms, their pros and cons for freelancers and clients, and who they are suitable for. After retirement from the corporate business world in Australia, he spent 5 years in China, where he left a legacy of laughter and good vocabulary. He then travelled through Europe and finished up teaching English in Portugal. He also had a very successful run with Upwork, becoming one of their top writers in just 9 months. In 2015/2016, he wrote over 500 articles for 200+ websites and also wrote 6 ebooks about relationships, travel and international dating. A self-confessed Koala-cuddler, John stops at nothing – he taught himself a whole new set of skills such as web and graphic design and video creation. He now resides in the Philippines where he lives at a resort with an infinity pool and the beach all within 80 metres, while continuing his passion – writing. His motto : “Nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without passion!”

The Motivator and Organiser – Marion Chan Fernandez

The Gig Economist Team - Marion FernandezSometimes staying motivated is not that easy, but do not despair. Marion is here to help. With tips and advice she will not only motivate giggers but also help clients motivate their freelancers. Moreover, Marion writes about how to organise your workload, how to create the perfect work environment and what kind of tools are best suited for your project management and communication needs. Marion comes from a family of bookworms, so it seemed a natural progression to translate her love of reading books to writing content. Apart from bringing life to words and content, she loves to create – learning something new every day. Having 7 years experience in the textile field until she got hooked to the world of writing, she loves to work with her hands, designing and travelling. Marion currently lives in beautiful British Columbia with her husband, where the amount of natural beauty that surrounds her inspires her to be creative each and every day.

The Interviewer – Otuniyi Ridwan Olatunji

The Gig Economist Team - Olatunji OtuniyiTheory is one thing, reality quite another. This is why Tunji examines what it really means to hire freelancers and be a solopreneur by interviewing those who made a name for themselves in the gig economy. Tunji loves helping businesses with content that improves their web visibility. His background in engineering gives spark to his research and analysis skills. He enjoys watching football, especially his beloved Arsenal FC and can’t survive a day without his favourite local delicacies. Tunji is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Coach – Larissa Bauml

The Gig Economist Team - Larissa BaumlYears of experience as a freelancer have taught Larissa tons of useful things. It’s time to share them with other passionate freelancers and those who want to get started! Her knowledge also extends to helping clients find the perfect freelancers for their projects. When she’s not busy gigging, you’ll probably find her with her head buried underneath a pile of books (not always related to her studies, ahem) or travelling around Europe.