Would you like to learn more about freelancing and the gig economy? Then take part in one of our live events. Workshops, seminars and webinars literally just around the corner.


The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Freelancers

The economy is changing. Rapidly. And to keep up with fluctuating business demands, you need an equally flexible workforce. But hiring freelancers is not as straight forward as it might seem. To be able to make the most of their potential, you will need to know…

  •  which platform/medium is the best for your hiring needs
  •  how to write a compelling job ad that will attract the right candidates
  •  how to tailor your recruiting process to freelancers
  •  what to do to keep your freelancers engaged with your ongoing projects
  •  how to communicate effectively with remote workers

All of this and any questions you might have will be covered in our one full-day workshop for small business owners, entrepreneurs, recruiters and human resources professionals.

We can’t wait to share our insights with you!

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How to Start a Freelance Career

Are you looking for an alternative career that allows for more flexibility and a better work-life balance? Then freelancing might be ideal for you. By taking part in our two day weekend workshop, you will discover everything you need to know to start your freelance career and find suitable jobs or projects.

Take part and you will not only find out…

  •  whether freelancing is the right choice for you
  •  what your core skills are
  •  where you can sign up/look for clients
  •  how you can evaluate potential clients and minimise certain risks

…but also many further aspects that you do need to know about this exciting way of working.

Our personal approach enables us to tailor our workshops to your needs, which means that there will be plenty of time to answer your questions and address any doubts or fears you might have.

There will even be a certificate of participation for you!

When is The Gig Economist coming to you? Find out here

Coffee Break with… Live Stream

Our Coffee Break Live Streams are entirely free for you to watch on YouTube. Join in on the live sessions or re-watch the videos at any time you wish.

Inspiring guests are waiting for you to share their interesting stories in these informal but yet very informative talks.

Come and join us for coffee - or tea, hot chocolate or any other beverage you love – on YouTube

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