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7 Ways To Find Freelance Jobs Online

The current economic crisis in the western world as well as global changes have placed a lot of people in financial difficulty. Even though finances and economic challenges are major contributing factors as to why many start to ‘gig’ rather than seek full-time employment, there are also other reasons.

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The Gig Economy is a Good Thing. Can it Work for All?

Bethany sits on the park bench, her legs resting on the blue and grey backpack in front of her. Typing on the laptop that sits on her lap, she looks up once in a while at passersby as they hurry to whatever urgent thing awaits them at the end of their journey. She takes a sip of her coffee and goes back to work...

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Where to hire freelancers?

Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner who requires occasional help with small tasks? Is the number of staff you can hire limited by your start-up budget or do the business requirements of your Fortune 500 company demand an independent expert? If this is the case then you’ve probably considered hiring a freelancer or contract worker to help grow your enterprise. This article will provide you with useful information regarding where to find suitable self-employed specialists. Figure out what you need Before posting a job on any platform, you need to clearly define your project needs. This will help you choose the most suitable way to hire freelancers. It will also make writing the job description easier, provide...

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