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The Struggle is Real: Finding the Motivation as a Freelancer to Stay Busy when You Are Not

Finding the motivation to work when business is slow is difficult enough in a traditional office setting, but for freelancers the challenge is mighty. In an office, you have bosses, coworkers and the prison cell of your cubicle to help keep you on task. Even then, the call of the World Wide Web can lead even the hardest worker astray. Pair that with the sofa, television, bed, bathtub, and freedom of no boss breathing down your neck and you have the life of a freelancer.While the benefits are many, staying motivated and focused during lulls, and even during busy times is the downfall of many a freelancer. So how does one stay motivated during times when you have no new...

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What Makes Self-Employment So Attractive For Millennials?

There are many stereotypes and generalizations about millennials, one of the most common being that they are lazy job-hoppers who don’t stay long enough at a job to develop a career. Reports such as this one by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, seems to support this view, showing that an average young adult has held 6.2...

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The 3 Most Commonly Used Collaboration Tools for Clients & Freelancers

Keeping an open line of communication is key to getting the best results. It’s not easy working as a freelancer, or a client who is collaborating with many freelancers across the globe. Clients want to know what’s happening but freelancers also want to work on the project at hand instead of spending precious time updating the client at each step. One of the biggest challenges that people face when a project needs to get done is getting the right idea across in a timely manner.You may use the tried and tested email route, but it is time to move out of your inbox and into something that is more in touch with the times. The problem with trusting your inbox...

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