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The Downsides of the Gig Economy and Portfolio Careers

There is no doubt that the gig economy is growing phenomenally, with some projecting that by the year 2020, close to 40% of America’s work force will be self-employed in some form. The growth of this labour market, where freelance work prevails over permanent jobs, has been largely driven by the availability of...

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What Makes Self-Employment So Attractive For Millennials?

There are many stereotypes and generalizations about millennials, one of the most common being that they are lazy job-hoppers who don’t stay long enough at a job to develop a career. Reports such as this one by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, seems to support this view, showing that an average young adult has held 6.2...

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The Gig Economy is a Good Thing. Can it Work for All?

Bethany sits on the park bench, her legs resting on the blue and grey backpack in front of her. Typing on the laptop that sits on her lap, she looks up once in a while at passersby as they hurry to whatever urgent thing awaits them at the end of their journey. She takes a sip of her coffee and goes back to work...

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