The Top Five Things Freelancers Wish Clients Knew

Posted on August 29, 2017

Henry Winkler – an award-winning producer and director once said, “Assumptions are the termites of relationships”. This statement couldn’t be nearer to the truth as it concerns clients and freelancers. Sadly, the conveyor belt for these assumptions is miscommunication – both of things said, and things unsaid. The aftermath of these is friction which kills the client-freelancer relationship in its prime, or at best makes it a joyless ride. For this reason, we (freelancers) wish you (our clients) were aware of some facts and act like they do. This article examines these facts from the perspective of freelancers.

Freelancers are Human and have a Life too

Sometimes, it seems clients feel freelancers stay with their computers 24/7 – either working or furiously refreshing their mail client in expectation of new client instructions. Haha . The truth, however, is that freelancers do have a life – they get to visit cinemas too, have families that need their attention, and generally do life as clients do too.

Coupled with the fact that freelancers might be in a different time zone from the client means they could be asleep as other humans in their time zone. So yes, that’s a good one to have in mind.

Freelancers working via Platforms usually have to pay Fees (the platform, payment method etc), not just the Clients.

Freelancers that work off platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru, have fees to pay. For example, some pay extra money to use more features on the site. Freelancers are also charged a percentage on all their earnings. Now, you’ll understand why some freelancers stand their ground during negotiations over a few dollars. For freelancers, every single dollar counts and every platform fees paid from their earnings add up over time. And even if the freelancer in question doesn’t work off a platform, they do more work like invoicing and tracking time.

Freelancers have more than one Client

We get it, everyone loves to feel special. You want to call your freelancer and you want them to attend to your needs immediately, but the truth is that this isn’t realistic, not in the slightest. So, it’s okay that you’ll get the “Sorry, I’m currently busy at the moment” comment once in a while. Freelancers worldwide plead that you show diplomacy in such instances.

Freelancing is the Main Source of Income for some Freelancers

What happens when your 9-5 salary doesn’t come in early? You can’t pay bills, feed yourself and your family, and buy daily necessities. The same happens to freelancers when clients fail to pay on time. They are left burdened with bills and sometimes demoralized too. It is important for us to get our money on time, so please make sure that the necessary processes within your company are up and running prior to hiring freelancers. And if we have a long-term arrangement, please make the payments come regularly at its scheduled timing, so we can make financial plans around the money too.

We want more Work with You and those in your Network

After we’ve put our hearts to your work and delivered according to your need, we hope that you become a repeat customer and, not only that, but that you also carry our gospel to the ends of the Earth - telling people about what we do and how good we delivered. Our livelihood depends on getting more work. We might not tell you this, but we do need it.
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