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Posted on June 20, 2017

SnagAjob has been around since 2000, and is the top-rated job placement and job matching site in the USA. It has won numerous industry awards and is the ‘go to’ website for over 300,000 American businesses which are looking for employees. The boast on the website is that they delivered 4 million job postings in the previous month!

Before we even begin to talk about the company, let’s mutter a few ‘wows’ for the website. The home page on the website when you open it is nothing to rave about, but once you click on the ‘About Us’ and the ‘HourMinds’ you get some amazing video clips at the top third. They are certainly attention catching and you want to watch them to the end; a good way for them to keep you logged in that little bit longer!

The company has two offices located in Virginia, one in South Carolina and another in California. The office locations are not all that relevant when the website covers the whole of the USA and all those businesses. Not only have they won the Corporate Awards but they have snagged quite a few Product Awards for their employment and personnel systems. Here are a few samples:

Corporate awards

  •  Fortune Magazine: Great Places to Work (8 times in 8 years)
  •  Great Places to Work: Work-Life Balance Award

Product awards

  •  Jobs2Careers: Top ATS Software (2017)
  •  “Master” status in Gartner’s FrontRunners Quadrant for Applicant Tracking Systems

How to get started on SnagAjob as a Freelancer

Like nearly all sites on which you are looking for work, as a prospective employee you will need to fill in a simple profile; but because the company that hires you is looking for an hourly paid employee, you will need to have some sort of a resume.


You need to provide as much information as possible to prospective employers, which makes sense. They will want to know as much about you as possible before offering you a position. It’s highly advisable to include:

  •  all your contact details
  •  your educational qualifications
  •  age (it matters for some types of work)
  •  employment history
  •  references
  •  a little bit about yourself (this is a good space to do a self-sell job!)

It’s really no different than going for a job interview, except that the selection process is done online.

Don't have a resume?

No problem. There are tools available on the site to help you quickly and competently create a resume for any position. You are directed to where you will find templates and samples to help you create a knockout application.

SnagAjob doesn’t just place employees for companies, it also provides:

  •  training
  •  scheduling
  •  performance management tasks for the employer – nice added value.


If you like to work in a state away from home, SnagAjob has postings all over the country, but, obviously, at some stage of gaining employment, you will have to physically relocate. It’s possible to travel all around the USA working if that’s what you want to do.

Work availability is sorted into states and cities and towns. It just depends on where the employer is situated. By entering the zipcode you will be taken to vacancies in that area .. or not, if there are no jobs, of course.

How to get started on SnagAjob as a Client

The first thing an employer will find out is that looking for workers on SnagAjob is NOT FREE! The starting price is $89 / month. When you think that a prospective employer has access to the personal details of some 75 million individuals, the cost is understandable. Only genuine employers are going to be forking out that amount to scour the site for workers!

Also for that money, SnagAjob does the complete employment cycle for you. The pricing scale is like this:

    1. Starter – $89 / month
    2. Starter Plus adds a couple of services – $99 / month
    3. Growing has all the bells and whistles – $249 / month

Looking at 2 and 3 above, a business can do their arithmetic and work out how much a HR employee would cost compared to the SnagAjob cost. There’s a huge difference! So, while the price might look high at $249 / month, that’s $3000 a year compared to a HR professional costing a business $50,000 a year.

By the way, you can pay for a couple of months, get all the staff you want, then cease making monthly payments!

SnagAjob also offers employers advertising packages with pop ups and banners, although these can be a bit annoying at times.

How do you get paid?

You get paid as a normal employee. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever system the company has as its pay structure is how you get your money. If the job is something like waiter or barperson, then there would be tips involved. You will also be part of the tax system as an employee, so tax will be taken out of your earnings.

Pros and Cons For Freelancers

  •  When you register with SnagAjob they are onto you like a terrier. Job offers, tips for securing work, ongoing education and relevant courses you can take with them, and announcements from large corporations who are looking for workers are being sent to your email inbox often.
  •  You can set up your location and jobs of interest by clicking through the simple menus, and it’s advisable that you do. You don’t want to be in Minnesota and receiving job offers in New York!
  •  This is not a site for freelancers wanting to work from home. However, you will be directed to Be the Boss Network which was an affiliated company with Snagajob.
  •  The popularity of a website like SnagAjob means that the majority of employers will use it and that means, to you, the job seeker, that most available positions will be posted there. Having to type in your personal details and work experience on 4 or 5 sites would be a pain. Then again, if you are determined to find a job, then nothing should be put in the "too hard basket" and no stone left unturned!


An employment agency this big doesn’t get it right all the time and even in something as personal as employment, it’s a fine line between you being a number on their data upload or a real person that needs personal attention, as you would get in a normal job application situation.

Pros and Cons for Clients

  •  You have an enormous number of potential employees to look through, and lots of choice is good.
  •  You have TOO many resumes to look through. That means opting for the more expensive alternative in which SnagAjob matches the worker to your job.
  •  Weigh up costs of using a hiring platform like SnagAjob or doing it yourself.
  •  Be prepared for the pressure to spend more money with SnagAjob for advertising and value added services.


Like many similar job seeking sites, it’s impossible to keep everybody happy 100% of the time. If you look at some of the reviews about SnagAjob, you will find a mixture of good and bad, some complaints, accusations of being a scam and then these are counterbalanced by glowing praise from people who used the system and gained employment.

More on the positive side, is that most of the complaints and bad reviews are very outdated, going back 6 – 7 years or more. The conclusion you might reach from that is that SnagAjob has worked on getting everything right. A good thing about their website is that it is filled with positivity and motivational kinds of stuff rather than any doom and gloom and how hard it can be when seeking work – something you don’t need when you're looking for a job.

Let’s face it, the old system of beating the pavement and driving, walking and cycling to job interviews looking for work is a thing of the past. Today’s technology enables you to actively search for work if you have an internet connection. You can do that at a library if you don’t have a computer. But like all computerised systems, they are only as good as the data input!

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