Welcome to The Gig Economist

The Gig Economist is a news portal about the latest trends in the gig economy, freelancing and self-employment. Here you will find information about job profiles, platforms, aspects of freelancing, useful tools, and how to keep yourself or your hired freelancers motivated. Meet other like-minded freelancers and clients through our community and get into the… Continue reading Welcome to The Gig Economist

What Makes Self-Employment So Attractive For Millennials?

There are many stereotypes and generalizations about millennials, one of the most common being that they are lazy job-hoppers who don’t stay long enough at a job to develop a career. Reports such as this one by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, seems to support this view, showing that an average young adult has held 6.2… Continue reading What Makes Self-Employment So Attractive For Millennials?

Interview with WRKSHP – Hiring Freelancers in Practice

This month Olatunji spoke with Natalia from WRKSHP, the makers of the mobile game Battle Camp. Read on to find out what Natalia has to say about hiring freelancers and how this practice helps to improve WRKSHPs work culture. For some of our readers who aren't familiar with your company - WRKSHP, can you give… Continue reading Interview with WRKSHP – Hiring Freelancers in Practice

The 3 Most Commonly Used Collaboration Tools for Clients & Freelancers

Keeping an open line of communication is key to getting the best results. It’s not easy working as a freelancer, or a client who is collaborating with many freelancers across the globe. Clients want to know what’s happening but freelancers also want to work on the project at hand instead of spending precious time updating… Continue reading The 3 Most Commonly Used Collaboration Tools for Clients & Freelancers

Coffee Break with Kate Kendall – Live Stream

Come and join the serial entrepreneur Kate Kendall and Larissa from The Gig Economist on their coffee break. They will talk about the importance of building a community, their shared passions for travelling, reading/writing and having a job that enables you to do good. About Kate Kendall: Kate’s journey began as a business journalist and… Continue reading Coffee Break with Kate Kendall – Live Stream

Should Tax Rates Be the Same For the Self-Employed In the Gig Economy and the Employed?

"The Gig Economy Could Cost the IRS Billions of Tax Dollars", screams a Fortune magazine headline. Across the Atlantic, the Guardian informs us that the “booming gig economy costs £4bn in lost tax and benefit payouts” to the UK government. Stat after stat highlights the fact that the proportion of people employed in the gig… Continue reading Should Tax Rates Be the Same For the Self-Employed In the Gig Economy and the Employed?

Video Dictionary: Gig Economy

  Gig economy is the term used to describe the prevalence of hiring contractors, freelancers and workers on a temporary basis. The word gig refers to the music industry where musicians make a living by playing live performances at varying locations. Because the concept of an irregular income earned through constantly changing clients also applies… Continue reading Video Dictionary: Gig Economy

Toptal Review

Toptal is an American company that was founded in 2010. In 2015, it was ranked as the number one fastest growing talent marketplace in North America. In 2016, Toptal acquired Skillbridge, an online platform for elite business freelancers.  Toptal was specifically designed to provide freelance software engineers to clients. It is much more of a… Continue reading Toptal Review